Making smarter choices can impact your long-term health and well being


Plante Wellness is focused on cultivating positive change towards a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to improve lean body mass and decrease fat mass as you age, prevent conversion from pre-diabetes and obesity to type 2 diabetes, improve metabolic parameters such as cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease, our program is designed to customize an individualized approach.

We are not offering a ultra low calorie or liquid diet, but rather one-on-one personalized nutrition and fitness counseling to improve your overall health. The program is focused on not just weight loss, but on changing body composition and metabolic parameters. This helps to decrease the amount of or need for medications, stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels and prevent disease.

Plante Wellness has partnered with the most technologically advanced, evidence based, nutritionally complete physician managed fat loss program, which was developed by a team of cardiologists, endocrinologists and biochemists.

Our Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Body composition analysis- developed at USC. Most accurate measurement of body fat, muscle mass, metabolic rate for customized meal plan and long term results
  • Custom personalized Nutrition & Exercise plan- weekly or bi-weekly visits with health coach
  • Interactive website to supplement visits- teaching patients about healthy eating, meal planning and exercise
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  • Optional meal replacement- highest protein/most reasonable cost compared to other meal replacement shakes. All natural, no artificial sweeteners, contains 100-450% of the RDA of vitamins and 72 trace minerals. MetAssist supplement to curb carb craving and naturally stabilize blood sugar. OmegaHealth 1280 mg of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) extreme purity with lowest levels of toxins. Click for More Info